Take Time

To smell the flowers.

And Rosie does just that.


6 thoughts on “Take Time

  1. Good Morning Rosie ❤ <3, wish I could spending my day with you and mum in the garden. The Rudbeckia looks so healthy and full! I got a parcel from Alys and she included a magazine cutting of an article about McCoy Pottery. Guess what was on the back when I turned over the page? Rabbit Run Cottage!! HA, it was an article about McCoy from your issue of Country Gardens, which I also bought. Sweet of her to send it also still.

  2. That’s so cool….
    Rosie would love to hang with you in the garden, she likes to lurk…lay’s down so she can keep her eye on me! She really is the best companion.
    Garden tour on Sunday, don’t know how many will be here ( I was left off the list in a local advertisement??!! )
    I will be in my garden, tending it as I usually do…what you see is what you get with me and this little plot of land.
    If I have visitors I will be glad to show them around! 🙂 Wish you lived closer!

  3. Lovely photo…I always envy dogs and their remarkable sniffs. They must see so much more in our gardens. My own Princess Charley can does enjoy lying on the grass and sniffing in the air for hours, always wonder what it is see actually ‘sees’ Thanks for sharing, Johanna

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