Seed Saving

Saving seeds from the Heirloom Dwarf Grey Peas.

I like to allow the pod to dry and crack them open to allow air circulation.

Dry the peas completely before storing in an airtight container.

Label and Date your seeds!

Seed Saving
Seed Saving

7 thoughts on “Seed Saving

      1. Yes Stacey, my hubby has propagated some of our shrubs, two hydrangeas and of course we always take cuttings of geraniums and we have taken cuttings of Fuchsias this year too… Its amazing how many new plants can be grown, just by taking the time to propagate and grow on.. 🙂 Good luck with your own Propagating.. 🙂

  1. Even dried out peas can be beautiful! I do this with my Baptisia seeds, which also lay themselves in pods. I will have gazillions of them when I am finished and would like to share them with anyone that wants to grow a Baptisia…also a member of the pea family.

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