It’s All About The Bulb’s

Platter of Paperwhites bulbs, ready to get growing.

I love how the bulbs look, almost as much as the flowers themselves.

Narcissus papyraceus
Narcissus papyraceus

5 thoughts on “It’s All About The Bulb’s

    1. Yes, I often just set them out in a tray or basket and enjoy. Such possibility packaged perfectly! Thank you for stopping by the garden and your wonderful observation! Stacey

      1. A few days ago I was walking down the street in a rich area in London and noticed someones gardeners pulling out bulbs from a bed and tossing them into a bag, I walked back and asked, sure enough .. the Hyacinths were being thrown away to make space in the bed for the next season’s plants … I got as many as I could carry (I already had bags of stuff I was carrying), I think I might have gotten about 25! 🙂 sadly, about 50 ended up being thrown away …

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