Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel

When the search began for a rain barrel for the the greenhouse, I knew I wanted something that added character to the garden.  Finding this old copper washing machine tub at a friends antique shop was the perfect piece.  I couldn’t carry it out the door fast enough.  A recycled base of a fire pit made the perfect stand for my rain barrel.

Recycled material, beautiful copper, and a great watering source close at hand.  Makes for the perfect garden addition.

9 thoughts on “Rain Barrel

  1. Great post, as always! I am SO with you on having functional things be nice to look at, too! Kudos for the copper barrel, because we all know that copper is better than plastic, any time!

  2. Wonderful picture of your greenhouse with the new addition of your beautiful rain barrel. Such a great idea! 🙂

    Take care and happy blogging to ya…

  3. I have finally built my first ever lean-to and the items I want to put in it for tools, etc are along these lines – repurposed, vintage, or unique! Love this idea for a rainbarrel.

  4. Beautiful! I wouldn’t change a thing! (Except – maybe move it to my yard). . . Spring can’t come soon enough now. . .

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