Spring Snow

Spring On Pause

A pause on Spring.

5 thoughts on “Spring Snow

  1. Okay, so the snow’s still pretty, even if it is a week before Easter! Oh, + I always knew weather affected my mood (swings!) — yesterday’s snowy, gloomy day had me craving ice cream + naps! 😉

  2. It’s like looking in the mirror or more accurately, out my own window. It snowed all weekend and this morning too. We’re still better off than the folks in Halifax. If I was them, I’d just move. It’s just insane there with the snow this year.
    Atlantic Snow Storm (Halifax)

  3. I was doing groceries yesterday and the sunny day was turning grey and cold…the checking girl sadly informed me that snow was on its way. ” Why no, my weather app says nothing about snow.” I reassured her…when I went outside to my car, snow and hail whirled around me. Brrr, I baked an apple pie on coming home, I needed comfort food…but your photo is pretty!!

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