Cash Crop

Cash Crop

Gardening seems to be paying off!

While weeding and cleaning flower beds, a slightly faded five dollar bill caught my eye!

I did look around for more, but this seems to be the only one–for now!

Hoping I have a few more sprouting up!

13 thoughts on “Cash Crop

  1. There’s my wedding ring somewhere out there in the garden world. It slipped off (when I was skinny for a brief period) and never found. My wife did give me a new one, and my finger has fattened up nicely to keep it on. If you should find my old one, please let me know.

    1. Oh how interesting Eliza, I don’t think I’ve dreamed about finding money..more likely about spending money!
      It was sure a fun little surprise in the perennial bed. Gardening is full of surprise!

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