Propagating Pretty

Propagating Pretty

  Propagating the Scented Geranium that I used in the wedding flowers.

I ran out of Rooting Hormone and grabbed the next best thing, cinnamon!

You can use cinnamon and wow does it smell delicious in the greenhouse today!

10 thoughts on “Propagating Pretty

    1. Brenda, you can pick it up at garden centers and you can even find at home improvement centers garden departments (generally). It usually comes in a small plastic jar. Cinnamon is a good alternative.

      1. I should get some. My grandmother was always taking cuttings and growing her own lilacs. 🙂 My aunt has described a powder she dipped into, and it must be this rooting hormone.

    1. Yes, I used some scented geranium in her bouquet as well as the bridesmaids. Thought I would keep them as plants. Can’t wait to be able to share some of the images from the wedding day. I did not take any pictures, I was to busy!

  1. I did not know that. Cinamon as rooting powder? Cool. So you’re doing wedding flowers too now Stacey? When the heck do you have time 😀 I’ll watch for your photos

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