Touches Of Autumn

Touches Of Autumn

I’m not ready to bring out the pumpkins but September needs a little touch of something.

I’m working on this wreath.

A grapevine wreath that I started in the spring and some Hops vines that I’m trimming.

Looks like a good start.

See those pesky moths in the greenhouse?

More moths than I have ever seen out here.

I miss my ducks and chickens, they would have loved the snacking.

9 thoughts on “Touches Of Autumn

  1. I agree – September needs a little something special, but nothing too autumnal. This wreath looks like it will be the perfect fit to ease into the new season. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it weird Audrey? I don’t ever remember seeing this many, though it was just me, but everyone is mentioning it!
      I happen to watch a scary movie a few weeks ago and it had giant moths in it!!!

    1. Becky, last fall the mama ducks were killed off by Coyotes. It was very sad. I was left with 4 papa ducks so I gave them to another farmer that needed some boys.
      This summer raccoons broke into the chicken coop and killed that last of my 4 hens. They had been with me for nearly 8 years.
      I sure miss them scratching around the yard and garden. All summer long they had decided they liked to roost on the deck each night and I had to carry them to the coop each night to go to bed! They were so tame and were pets.
      I sure struggle with the loss of any of my animals.
      Thank you for asking. Maybe a few new chicks in the spring. Shhh don’t tell my husband.

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