The End Of Thyme



6 thoughts on “The End Of Thyme

    A picture speaks a volume. Wonderful thyme . Will it hang in there? No snow here yet in southern Ohio and my rhyme continues to grow. Love all your pictures, they tell such great stories.

    1. Diana, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I don’t blog for the comments, but sometimes I wonder if I should keep it up.
      To know that you enjoy the images and my simple style of documenting the garden, made my week.
      We have just had our first real snow, about 5 inches. Temperatures are going to climb into low 40’s again this week and weekend, so it will be sloppy and muddy again.
      I’m ok with the warm temps, I’m not good with the cold–the older I get!
      Happy Holidays Garden Friend,

  2. I’m calling it, The Little Thyme That Could. Still green!! What a go getter. For some reason, I’m still amazed that anything comes back in the spring. Our earth here is like cement for 6 months, amazing!

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