Waste Not


Just 30 days ago we carried in the Christmas Tree.

Today it feels good to clean up and start the new year.

The boughs of the tree make great insulation for the garden.

The branches are quick to dry and slow to decompose.

The pine boughs are a natural, mold free alternative to mulch and leaves.

In the spring the branches will make wonderful kindling for bonfires.

Only 78 days until Spring!

11 thoughts on “Waste Not

      1. I hope we all get at least a little freeze so the bugs this summer aren’t as atrocious as they would be if it stays this mild..n

  1. Our Lake Mills, IA, garden club has heard about your garden and would love to come see your garden this summer. Is that possible?

  2. I just recently came upon your Blog. I love the pictures and I’m inspired to build a garden shed similar to yours. How many sq. ft is your home and shed? Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you for visiting my little garden blog!

      The greenhouse is 10 x 10 and Rabbit Run Cottage–my little potting shed and gardeners office is approx 8 x 12. Many people mistake it for ‘a little house’, as this is a big trend.
      It actually started out as our daughters playhouse and when she outgrew it I took it over. It was constructed by my husband from an old shed.
      I joke about moving into it sometimes!

      Our home sits just to the south of the garden, and generally is not shown on the blog. We are under a large remodel and renovation at the present time.

      Please feel free to look back at the archives of the blog for images and let me know if you have any other questions.


      1. Thank you for your reply Stacy,
        I will definitely look through the archives to see some more of your beautiful pictures!

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