Getting Dirty In The Garden

Lot’s of planting and pulling weeds this week as the garden gets going.

Remembering that I have garden aprons to lessen the dirt that I bring indoors,

I rummaged through the potting shed to find this linen apron.

I designed and sewed this apron for Country Gardens Magazine a couple of years ago.

The pattern and images appeared in the Fall issue of 2014.


It was a dream come true to travel to the Better Homes And Gardens Test Garden’s and

co produce the story with my friend Kate Carter-Frederick.

I ended up having to model for the story, and though I was in the most lovely gardens,

was completely out of my element!


This image looks simple enough.

I first held a watering can.

The pot was tilted many angles.

My shirt was unbuttoned-just one more!

The pot got really heavy!

They cropped this image-perfectly!

7 thoughts on “Getting Dirty In The Garden

  1. cute post, like your apron. My husband and I are in the dirt constantly now that it is garden season.

  2. Hi Stacey, Good to see you in my potager this morning. Love that apron, but I never remember to put one on…all my jeans and shirts are a mess!

    1. I sent you an email this morning!
      After your garden chores are done, take a peek!
      Thank you for your sweet comment and yes, I’m always messy in the garden!

  3. Your apron brought back fond memories of working in our orchard in New Hampshire. I had a very sturdy one made out of canvas with lots of pockets in the front.

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