Jimmy doesn’t love dogs.

Mini Donkey’s see dogs as enemy, they are known to fight off Coyotes.

But Jimmy loves Dahlia, the Mini Dachshund.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, recently asked ‘why do you have a donkey?’.

Need I say anymore?

8 thoughts on “Critters

  1. Loved this photo!!! That’s what the world needs now
    is more Love! I really enjoy your blog too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful space with all of us!

  2. Oh how precious. A friend and I walk to a farm nearby on our lunch break to see the animals. They just welcomed a baby donkey. She is so stinkin’ cute.

  3. Hi Stacy, I sent you an email June 7th about garden club but have not heard back from you yet. And now I find that I am unable to attend that night either. 😩. Club is looking at Monday, July 25th, at whatever time works for you.

    Thanks, Becky Martinson


    1. We have a Mini Donkey, 3 Mini Dachshund and now a Mini Beagle (our son’s dog who is at Boot Camp) I bet my barks are louder then yours! Thank goodness I live in the middle of corn fields!

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