This Time Of The Year


The garden starts producing and getting a bit messy around the edges.

With the heat and mosquitoes I have been practicing ‘speed gardening’!

Quick water, quick harvest, quick dead head, quick weeding…oh heck,

I’ll get those weeds next time.

2 thoughts on “This Time Of The Year

  1. Lol I like that speed gardening myself. We have had such hot weather with high humid here in the Southeast U.S. that garden work happens in the early morning or late evening. You have such a pretty garden and yard. Saw you had wood chips on the ground which is great.

  2. My story is a little weird, I have a hose that is long enough to stretch from the ”communal tap” around the corner (I live in an apartment block with a ground floor garden) so after work if I come home and the whole garden needs a good soak due to a dry two weeks (here in the wet UK, it doesn’t take long for these acclimatised plants to almost die out if they have a week off from rain!)… the weird thing is, as soon as I get watering, clouds start darkening and it rains!! no jokes, it’s happened BOTH times I have needed to soak the pace this summer so far! Not that the UK needs more rain but gardeners here definitely owe me one, or two!!

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