I Wonder If They Are Hiring?

On a recent vacation to Playa de carmen, Mexico, we spent a day at the natural aquarium Xel-ha’.   Xel-ha’ was named by the ancient Maya and translates to “where the water is born”  This stunning tropical world offered a day of snorkeling, beaches, great food, drinks and warm sunshine.

I wandered around the nursery that is home to an amazing variety of native plants; more then 270 species.  The plants are raised to maintain the conservation of the reserve, as well as ensure the safety of many endangered species of plants.

I could have put on garden gloves and some garden shoes  and stayed all day!





6 thoughts on “I Wonder If They Are Hiring?

  1. Lucky you! — to have a warm, sunny getaway! Meanwhile, I can relate to wanting to have a garden-related job. I feel the same way when I visit the St. Louis Zoo, for one. Their landscaping is really quite wonderful.

    1. 8 fresh inches of snow this am on the ground! I have to say, 80 degree weather agrees with me quite well! The plant nursery was amazingly neat and organized. It is a completely different world from the flat lands of Southern MN.

    1. The tropical landscape along with 80 degree weather, agrees with me nicely! That would be a lovely job working in the lovely historic Northfield! I’m fortunate to be able to work from home for a gardening web site. I’m not ruling out moving to warmer parts of this world and enjoy a warmer gardening zone–some day! Hope you and your family are all well!

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