Behind The Scenes

Country Gardens behind the scenes.

Shot last September at Better Homes And Gardens Test Garden

It was a perfect cool, sunny morning.

Art Director Nick Crow

Producer, Editor, Writer Kate Carter-Frederick

Photographer Jacob Fox

Assistant Jennifer Caes

So fun to work with all these talented people.
So fun to work with all these talented people.

My Dream Job For A Day

Last year I had the complete pleasure of working with Country Gardens Magazine!

A simple little garden apron took me on an amazing journey.

In September last year, I traveled to Meredith in Des Moines IA and spent a day in the

Better Homes And Gardens Test Garden.

I arrived with carefully stitched and pressed aprons, supplies and props (vegetables from my own garden).

Art Director Nick Crow, Producer and Writer, Kate Carter Frederick

Photographer Jacob Fox and Assistant Jennifer Caes,

they took my nerves away in the first 5 minutes.

To style for a magazine photo shoot, a dream come true.

Not so sure about the modeling part, but what the heck.

Check out the story in the Fall issue of Country Gardens.

You can even win an apron!

A Gardeners Apron

We are calling it–The Pond Project

We are calling it--The Pond Project

Last September I had the wonderful opportunity to visit and work with Country Gardens Magazine, in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden.
We were in awe of the perfectly groomed gardens, and were inspired to rework the pond in our own garden.
The tear down has begun, and my garden is quite a sight right now.
Can’t wait to start putting things together.

Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden

Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden

My favorite spot in the test garden…this little winding waterfall filling the pond.
It was shaded with stunning Japanese Maples.
A serene spot in the garden.
Photo by my husband, Eric–who documented my day with Country Gardens Magazine!