Can It Be Garden Season Now?

I woke early to work on a project that I have been stalled on.

To get my creativity jump started, I turned to my own Pinterest Board.

I got lost in some of my own images from the garden!

Maybe you would like to get lost too!


Clean Up In Aisle 4

Clean Up In Aisle 4

After the snow melts I let the chickens into the kitchen garden to do a little clean up.

5 hens remain from my original chick purchase nearly 8 years ago.

The girls egg laying days are over, but they provide insect clean up and add to my compost pile.

All very valuable to the garden.

And doesn’t chickens scratching in the yard just make you smile?


Spring garden chores

Spring garden chores

Don’t be fooled by this sunshine in the garden. The temperature is 25 degrees with a wind howling from the North. The snow has melted from the garden this past week, but the forecast is calling for more later this week.

The chickens are so happy the snow is disappearing, they showed their appreciation by laying a few eggs!