Spring garden chores

Spring garden chores

Don’t be fooled by this sunshine in the garden. The temperature is 25 degrees with a wind howling from the North. The snow has melted from the garden this past week, but the forecast is calling for more later this week.

The chickens are so happy the snow is disappearing, they showed their appreciation by laying a few eggs!

3 thoughts on “Spring garden chores

  1. I think she is beautiful and grand. . . she looks like she is on a mission to get some work done in the garden. Does she have a name? Maybe the snow will miss us. . .

  2. In contrast to Prairie Roots, I love chickens and wouldn’t ever eat them, but I do eat eggs from free range chickens who are allowed to roam inside AND out. These eggs are more than double the price but I gladly pay it to ensure their quality of life is maintained. Being a vegetarian, I don’t want to eat anything that an animal has suffered for to put on my plate. But that’s just me.

    Your hen is really gorgeous! Chickens are very smart animals and I hate seeing them crammed in cages on trucks going down the highway. How frightening for them, I get teary just thinking about it really.

    We got introduced to a lovely chicken at the pumpkin patch near San Jose when Alys and I went last fall. It had a big feathery crown that stuck straight up just like Kramer, LOL. She was sooooo soft and really loved to be gently petted. A gal out near where I used to live had several exotic Chickens and some laid greenish blue eggs. So pretty. I kept it in a bowl with sea shells for a long time, then when we moved I had to discard it because I didn’t want to chance it breaking and making a big stink on everything. I hope it warms up soon. We are promised 37 F today and 42 F tomorrow…..but still below 32 F overnight. Come on spring!

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