Complaint Department Response


Mother Nature responds with sunshine, calm and a promise of nearly 70 degrees!

Rolling up my sleeves for a day of work.

This trellis needs work from some winter damage.

The list goes on from there!



A Gardener is always planning.

Which varieties will I grow?

When should I start seeds?

These tasks help me through the winter months.

The soil rests but my mind is busy.

A new notebook is ready for my gardening ideas and plans.

Some changes are coming to the blog this year,

I will continue to share images and gardening tidbits,

but adding some project ideas that I hope you will find interesting.

Stop by next year!

Don’t Forget





To get your copy of Country Garden’s Magazine!

I produced this story, along with Kate Carter Frederick…how to make a very easy and functional garden apron.

Country Gardens is even giving away an apron!

 A Gardeners Apron

Behind The Scenes

Country Gardens behind the scenes.

Shot last September at Better Homes And Gardens Test Garden

It was a perfect cool, sunny morning.

Art Director Nick Crow

Producer, Editor, Writer Kate Carter-Frederick

Photographer Jacob Fox

Assistant Jennifer Caes

So fun to work with all these talented people.
So fun to work with all these talented people.

My Dream Job For A Day

Last year I had the complete pleasure of working with Country Gardens Magazine!

A simple little garden apron took me on an amazing journey.

In September last year, I traveled to Meredith in Des Moines IA and spent a day in the

Better Homes And Gardens Test Garden.

I arrived with carefully stitched and pressed aprons, supplies and props (vegetables from my own garden).

Art Director Nick Crow, Producer and Writer, Kate Carter Frederick

Photographer Jacob Fox and Assistant Jennifer Caes,

they took my nerves away in the first 5 minutes.

To style for a magazine photo shoot, a dream come true.

Not so sure about the modeling part, but what the heck.

Check out the story in the Fall issue of Country Gardens.

You can even win an apron!

A Gardeners Apron

Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You Work

It was most certainly a work day here in the garden.
For the first time this Spring; we made progress on the chore list.
A good, tired feeling tonight as I close up the greenhouse for the night.