What A Tool

Gardeners Tote

Keeping all those tools close by for garden work with a vintage tote.

I’m not going to lie, I can’t locate my favorite clippers!

How do you keep those tools handy?


  1. Currently, all my garden tools are cloistered in a very lame file box that they were packed in when we moved from the lake and then again from the condo. Finally! I get to dust them off. I’ve always wanted a peg board though, with little outlines of stuff hanging…very old school πŸ˜€

  2. I have a habit of using a tool, such as pruners, and then just laying it down wherever I happen to be. I always carry a bucket around with me when I garden to tote water for fresh plantings, sprigs to plant, etc. I finally decided the best thing to do was to carry all my necessary tools in the bucket, do what I have to do, then put the tools back in. They get taken in and out en masse as I work, but it keeps everything together at the end of the day.

    • Keep your eyes open, sometimes the perfect tote idea can be found other places then a garden center.
      Poke around some antique shops for old wood tool boxes. They look great in the garden and so handy!

    • Makes me laugh Audrey….with home remodel under way around here…”where is the tape measure?’, ” I just had my utility knife!”, etc!!! I either know where it is or have to run around looking!
      Found this cute tote in Wisconsin while driving practically across the entire state to get to OshKosh.

    • Oh, love old tackle boxes! I keep one in my greenhouse with all the little do dads! That’s a technical term.
      I wish I had my grandpa’s old tackle box. I think that’s why I like them, it was like hunting in a treasure box when I was a kid.

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