Looking back and forward

Spending a little time,

looking back on last Spring,

and looking ahead to what I want grow

for the garden this year.

Herbs in the greenhouse

Out the front door

The Sun came out just as the day was ending yesterday.

Couldn’t resist grabbing the camera for a picture of the long shadows,

across the golden fields.

Long Fall Shadows

 Then I walked around back.

Sunset through the greenhouse

There is no denying the next Season is approaching.

Today in the garden….

This weekend is the garden and greenhouse clean up.

It has been a great first year with the greenhouse.

I loved every minute of the work, and  the rewards.

pots to scrub
garden love
globe amaranth drying
onions drying

Oh, you beautiful eggplant….


Wanting to try some new vegetables for the garden, I planted eggplant.

Here is the review



Flavor–not so much!

Anyone have a recipe for me to try?