The scents and flavors of the season.


The Scent Of Summer


Pull up a chair among the Thyme and Lavender.

I once dreamed of having a little greenhouse that I grew little pots of Herbs.

It’s good to dream.

Now, snap out of it…I have to weed and water!

When The Pickles Are Gone

Growing Herbs

Today I had the pleasure of speaking at our local library.

I love herbs and hopefully inspired some gardeners to start a culinary herb garden.

Little starter pots of herbs can be kept from drying out under a little overturned canning jar.



          Herbs is where my passion for gardening first started.  I fell in love with the fragrant and tasty little plants growing in the greenhouse where I worked as a floral designer.  I knew that someday I would tend an herb garden.

          I keep a defined herb bed in the kitchen garden, but you will also find herbs tucked all around the garden, among the perennials, pond and Rabbit Run Cottage.  Herbs bring bees and butterflies to the garden.  Chocolate mint and thyme edge the garden paths releasing it’s fragrance when walking through the garden.  Not to mention how much flavor herbs bring to the kitchen.  If you have not grown herbs before, consider adding them to your garden this year!

Seed To Soil

Seed To Soil

In just a few short weeks, I will start trays of seeds for the next garden season.

This process may just be my favorite part of gardening.  The greenhouse is warm and moisture covers the inside glass, giving almost a watercolor effect to the snowy landscape outside.

Quiet days, filling pots and trays of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

I fill the greenhouse from top to bottom, enough for me, and plenty to offer in a little “Extra Sale”

This year I will also be growing flowers and herbs that will be used in our daughters wedding.