The Scent Of Summer


Pull up a chair among the Thyme and Lavender.

I once dreamed of having a little greenhouse that I grew little pots of Herbs.

It’s good to dream.

Now, snap out of it…I have to weed and water!


  1. Beautiful! Is that lavender growing in the ground? If it’s hardy for you, it has to be hardy for us, too! I want to have a bed of lavender along our east facing foundation. Yum!

    • Yes, this is planted in. It’s Munstead variety, which I have done pretty good with, wintering over. Lavender is one thing I just keep trying, despite our zone 4 not really the best suited for it.
      It’s in a sheltered area so I think it’s the reason, and we have had a couple of more mild winters. I have lost many plants though….

      Foxglove is a favorite flower of mine, and I have tried it sooo many times. It’s just too cold here!

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