The Scent Of Summer


Pull up a chair among the Thyme and Lavender.

I once dreamed of having a little greenhouse that I grew little pots of Herbs.

It’s good to dream.

Now, snap out of it…I have to weed and water!

6 thoughts on “The Scent Of Summer

  1. Beautiful! Is that lavender growing in the ground? If it’s hardy for you, it has to be hardy for us, too! I want to have a bed of lavender along our east facing foundation. Yum!

    1. Yes, this is planted in. It’s Munstead variety, which I have done pretty good with, wintering over. Lavender is one thing I just keep trying, despite our zone 4 not really the best suited for it.
      It’s in a sheltered area so I think it’s the reason, and we have had a couple of more mild winters. I have lost many plants though….

      Foxglove is a favorite flower of mine, and I have tried it sooo many times. It’s just too cold here!

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