Age And Beauty

Age And Beauty

I always feel a little sad when I see a farm site sitting empty.

A once loved and lived in farmhouse with barns and sheds slowly leaning toward the earth.

I often stop to photograph these simple farm structures…they speak to me…sometimes they really do…sometimes a critter or two live in them!

The beautiful Creeping Virginia is trying it’s best to decorate this little shed for Fall.

Rural Practicality

Farmer Carl advertised a chicken brooder house for sale.

After a lovely visit with Carl, I purchased the “rustic” farm building.

Not quite sure how or if it would make the journey to our property..

but I had a vision!

Luckily, my husband is handy, and he didn’t give up!

Tucked under the sheltering Maple Tree, isn't it charming!
Tucked under the sheltering Maple Tree, isn’t it charming!

Emily Prom 2009 039

As always, it’s a family project.

“Yes, kids–we are getting chickens and chickens are so cool”!

Put back together again!
Put back together again!