Rural Practicality

Farmer Carl advertised a chicken brooder house for sale.

After a lovely visit with Carl, I purchased the “rustic” farm building.

Not quite sure how or if it would make the journey to our property..

but I had a vision!

Luckily, my husband is handy, and he didn’t give up!

Tucked under the sheltering Maple Tree, isn't it charming!
Tucked under the sheltering Maple Tree, isn’t it charming!

Emily Prom 2009 039

As always, it’s a family project.

“Yes, kids–we are getting chickens and chickens are so cool”!

Put back together again!
Put back together again!


14 thoughts on “Rural Practicality

    1. Yep, they are out there all year long. The have heat lamps, and the water sits on a heater to keep from freezing. They also have to have extra light during the Winter months to encourage egg production. It is a lot more work in the Winter!

  1. Absolutely charming! I love it and all your kitties too. I assume they don’t eat chicken? Cute little dress of the chicken holder in your last picture. Oh and the Chicken statue and vintage lawn chair too would be something I would totally scoop up.

  2. This project got completed right before our daughters High School Graduation party…the young chickens were a hit with everyone! I think the coop is going to get a new paint job this Summer???

    1. The chickens are more pets than anything! And we are lucky that all our animals get along.
      Cat’s and dog’s leave them alone for the most part…maybe a chase every now and then!
      We did have 2 roosters, Russel Crow and Sid…loved the atmosphere they brought to the farm, but when they turned on me…they had to go! Seriously, I should have been filming that stuff!

    1. Several times along the way, I thought this little building was a goner!
      I’m eyeing a few little sheds on some abandoned farms around the area….this Spring I’m doing some ownership investigation! 🙂

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