Loss or opportunity in the garden?

Loss or opportunity in the garden?

I spent the day dodging rain showers and digging up the remains of perennials that did not survive. Perhaps the long Winter, last years lack of rain, disease?
This Butterfly Bush will not bloom in front of Rabbit Run Cottage this Summer to attract Swallowtails….
I think a visit to the garden center just over in the next little town is in order. I have some spots opened up in the garden.
What a great opportunity!

My Love Of Daylilies Is Growing

I have only fallen in love with daylilies

in the last couple of years–

I know, I’m late to that party!

Hemerocallis is Greek for day beauty.

Bold, bright and easygoing.

Easy-to-divide tubers.

Lovely in my carefree perennial gardens.