Loss or opportunity in the garden?

Loss or opportunity in the garden?

I spent the day dodging rain showers and digging up the remains of perennials that did not survive. Perhaps the long Winter, last years lack of rain, disease?
This Butterfly Bush will not bloom in front of Rabbit Run Cottage this Summer to attract Swallowtails….
I think a visit to the garden center just over in the next little town is in order. I have some spots opened up in the garden.
What a great opportunity!

14 thoughts on “Loss or opportunity in the garden?

  1. Loss or opportunity depends on what was lost 🙂 I had some hops that I planted last year that did not come up this year, sadly.. The hops that I planted 2 years ago are like wild horses. But I do agree that sometimes it is a great opportunity to try something new!

    1. Yes, I did find myself getting a bit upset by the losses yesterday, but then decided it was a good time to clean up, clear out and do some changing in the beds.
      Sorry you lost some hops 😦
      I have lots of starter perennials in the greenhouse, and now I have open spots for them!

  2. I thought I had lost my butterfly bush, too. But today I looked at it and there are leaves coming out. I would say don’t give up yet, because you live north of me, but you might have already pulled it.

    1. So far some day lilies! Can’t believe how many things have been lost! Even my Russian Sage bush seems to be “toast”! Seriously how can that die! Fellow gardeners around here seem to think the lack of rain last year is the culprit. Even though I watered, watered and watered it is very hard to replace rain.

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