Make Mine Natural


A few times a year I bring out my wreath making skills.

A crate filled with dried Rose Hips from last autumn became this years decorations.

Wire small bundles of dried material onto a wire wreath frame.

Keep the bundles close together and wrap with a continuous wire spool.

wreathsA sweet autumn touch for Rabbit Run Cottage.


What our grandparents did is now the “new thing”


 What I grew up knowing as, “living off the land”.

A recent cooking show I watched featured two chef’s competing against each other with foraged ingredients.

I found myself poking around the internet for Rose hip recipes, so much more than teas and jellies.

Shhh, don’t tell my family they have eaten Nettles this Summer.

I seem to have a bumper crop of those tasty weeds!

Rose hips aren't quite ripe yet.
Rose hips aren’t quite ripe yet.

October Garden Goodness

October garden

The garden has provided pretty Autumn touches for the dining room.
Dried papery hydrangea, a vintage crock full of red and orange rose hips, and a bowl of mini pumpkins and corn.
Against a backdrop of an old, well used cutting board my decorating is done–at least in this room!