October Garden Goodness

October garden

The garden has provided pretty Autumn touches for the dining room.
Dried papery hydrangea, a vintage crock full of red and orange rose hips, and a bowl of mini pumpkins and corn.
Against a backdrop of an old, well used cutting board my decorating is done–at least in this room!

8 thoughts on “October Garden Goodness

  1. You just seem to have that “knack” for putting things together…I can do it in my garden, but not inside the house..I keep it simple…enjoy your photos and how you make it look effortless, but sure it is not!

  2. Are you available to come pull my house together for fall? 🙂 Your decorations are gorgeous and exactly what I like, things of nature rather than a bunch of store bought items trying to look natural.

  3. You’ve got a style thats so natural and down to earth, I admire that. As Alys has pointed out before, it helps that you don’t have to store the accoutrement later since it can be added to a wood pile or composted. I like how you just bring stuff in from the yard, include your homey treasures and put together a cozy vignette worthy of a magazine layout. Just Charming!

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