Seed Saving

Gathering all the saved seeds and storing them for next Spring.

Canning jars work great for keeping seeds save and dry.

Find a cool spot to place them until planting time.

Label and date so you use the oldest seeds first.

Sometimes I’m lazy about that part!

Dwarf Grey Peas-Heirloom
Dwarf Grey Peas-Heirloom

Seed storage

Seed storage

We had our first official frost last night in the garden.
The cold is a wake up call to move at a faster pace around the garden.
I still have so much to do before the garden is put to bed.
Today I will organize my heirloom tomato seeds, while I wait for the temperature to warm a bit.
I have considered offering some of my favorite Heirloom Tomato seeds on my Etsy shop.
Would love some feedback from all of my garden friends–