Save those seeds

Save those seeds

I have several of these little vintage tins.
They make great storage for saved seeds.
Label your seeds with the variety and date harvested.
Store in a cool, dry location.

10 thoughts on “Save those seeds

  1. Your garden treasure while not fancy, makes for wonderful vignettes. Those seem like big seeds, what were they from? I spots some old film canisters the other day, they might have been useful for this too.

  2. I have envelopes, but I really really really love those tins! I am going to keep my eyes open for some in our second hand shops. Maybe someone will have made a donation! 🙂 But the main idea…save those seeds. Great reminder.

  3. I got these little tins at an auction, and they were filled with watch maker pieces parts! Maybe that’s what their intended use was!
    At a local cooking store here, they sell those little tins with a clear top for spices–they make good seed saver jars too!

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