In the greenhouse

In the greenhouse

Ahhh, it’s so fun to pull out the baby pictures.
Trays of Heirloom tomato plants all tucked into the warm greenhouse.
This is the best spot to be in the Winter!

Working in the greenhouse

Working in the greenhouse

Seedlings are being placed into peat pots to continue growing.
This is more enjoyment then work!
Who wants to help mix the fish emulsion? The first organic feeding for the greenhouse today!

A Good Recipe-For Soilless Mix

A Good Recipe-For Soilless Mix

Peat Moss

Mix with a ratio of 4-1-1
Add water slowly and allow time for the mix to absorb the water.

This is the perfect organic, light mixture to nurture your seeds.



I really wanted to grow more flowers this year. To just enjoy around the garden…and to be able to bring a pot or two into the the house throughout the Summer.
These little Cosmos plants will be perfect for just that.