I really wanted to grow more flowers this year. To just enjoy around the garden…and to be able to bring a pot or two into the the house throughout the Summer.
These little Cosmos plants will be perfect for just that.

16 thoughts on “Cosmos

  1. Cosmos are one of my favorite flowers. I just seed them right into the ground and they will reseed themselves. But I never thought of potting them. Is this a short variety, because my cosmos grow quite tall?

  2. Oh my! I will be eager to hear what you think of them in your garden. Cheery, yes! My husband finally asked me please NOT to grow them any more. They literally spread all over the place and he began to treat them like weeds. LOL! They were the happiest weed I ever saw, however. They are beautiful and we found them incredibly easy to grow. I wish I’d been blogging at the time–I would have had some funny photos. They were almost crowding out the roses. Of course, they also really crowded out REAL weeds, so that’s a great ground cover! I look forward to the photos!

  3. I love cosmos and would like to grow them at the summer cottage in Maine. The only problem is the wind is so strong coming down off the mountains and across the lake that I don’t think they would do well.

  4. This is my first year trying to grow cosmos, I hope they do well and come back each year as they would be a great addition to the seating area we have out back. Right now they are growing in a paint can that my grand children check daily having the bug themselves to garden and get spring/summer here soon. They are doing fine for the time being, keeping my fingers crossed.

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