Lost and Found

Lost and Found

While cleaning up flower beds this Spring, it was clear my beautiful Butterfly Bush’s had not survived the Winter.
Last Fall I had planted just a few Liatris that I had started in the greenhouse. They have filled in the empty gaps and are going to be stunning in a few days….I love the purple against the grey-green colors of Rabbit Run Cottage.
Notice anything else? That hole in the porch post is missing it’s Flag. Lost in the storm.
Check back in the garden in a few days if you love purple!

Let’s check the garden Rosie!

Rosie trots along with me on nearly every visit to the garden.

She stops and looks at the raised beds and sticks her nose in Herbs, just like me!

I love her to bits!

Hey, Rosie--smile!
Hey, Rosie–smile!
Rosie, look to the left.
Rosie, look to the left.

Rosie, look to the right.
Rosie, look to the right.
Rosie, smell the Thyme.
Rosie, smell the Thyme.

Rosie, smile!

The many faces of Rosie!

Full Swing


When the garden really takes off, spilling over the edges of the raised beds.

Vegetables are getting ready to pick and enjoy!  Well worth the work and the wait.

Full Swing

Peas and beans are ready for picking.

Full swing

Time to tie up the tomatoes

Time to tie up the tomatoes

Tools for the trade!
Heirloom tomato plants grow up big and tall.
Heavy duty cages are needed and staking will help the plants from falling over.
I use jute string to tie up stalks that want to escape captivity.
The plants are getting heavy with tomatoes!

Objects Of My Affection

I love linens.

Many of my treasures come from local thrift stores, such as this souvenir towel.

Linen is such a sturdy fabric, and becomes softer each time it is washed.

Objects of my affection

Summer time picnics are the perfect time to use these towels as oversized napkins.

Roll them up and tie with a Chive.

Tuck in a flower from your garden.

Miss and match for each guest!

Objects of my affection