Lost and Found

Lost and Found

While cleaning up flower beds this Spring, it was clear my beautiful Butterfly Bush’s had not survived the Winter.
Last Fall I had planted just a few Liatris that I had started in the greenhouse. They have filled in the empty gaps and are going to be stunning in a few days….I love the purple against the grey-green colors of Rabbit Run Cottage.
Notice anything else? That hole in the porch post is missing it’s Flag. Lost in the storm.
Check back in the garden in a few days if you love purple!

10 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. NICE!!! I need to plant some of those! They have been on my wish list for several years but I have just never bought any…

  2. I’m so happy to see the Liatris in beautiful abundance! You’ve encouraged me to give starting them from seed a try! They are such a beautiful flower and to buy a healthy plant, quite expensive. Lovely Stacey!

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