For The Birds

Sunflowers drying down, provide early Autumn food for our feathered friends.


The garden cycle

The garden cycle

I dried a few Sunflower heads in the greenhouse for Autumn decorating.
I can’t help but think of the cycle, that once again has transpired in my garden.
From the seeds planted in early May, to the beautiful tall blossoms standing in the garden mid Summer.
As early Fall rolls in and the Sunflower heads dry–the birds feed on each little dried blossom.
My garden is getting ready to rest, with our first snow in the forecast the next day or so.
It too, is good for this gardener to rest.

For the birds

In late Summer I cut the Sunflower heads,

and dry them in the greenhouse.

I place them throughout the garden for the birds to feed on.

Inevitably some of the seeds drop to the ground and next Spring a fresh crop of Sunflowers grow in the garden.