The garden cycle

The garden cycle

I dried a few Sunflower heads in the greenhouse for Autumn decorating.
I can’t help but think of the cycle, that once again has transpired in my garden.
From the seeds planted in early May, to the beautiful tall blossoms standing in the garden mid Summer.
As early Fall rolls in and the Sunflower heads dry–the birds feed on each little dried blossom.
My garden is getting ready to rest, with our first snow in the forecast the next day or so.
It too, is good for this gardener to rest.

5 thoughts on “The garden cycle

  1. Alys and I sometimes talk about how amazing it is that there is so much beauty tucked into one tiny seed. Your winter birds will be happy for that grace of nature and your caring hands that planted them in last spring. Enjoy your well earned rest, although I know a gardener’s mind seldom stray’s too far from spring. Nice photo Stacey.

  2. Hello Stacey:
    Do you have a favorite type of sunflower that you would recommend? I would like something that develops nice seeds for the birds – many types are pollen-less now and I think that is a mean trick to play on the bees and other pollinators. . . Thanks!
    ~Mary Ann J.

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