Heirloom tomato plants

The greenhouse is full

of these sweet little heirloom tomato plants.

Brush the leaves and they sure smell like Summer.

9 thoughts on “Heirloom tomato plants

    1. Last year I put some signs out along the roads that I had heirloom tomato plants for sale….weather was horrible last Spring!
      I got carried away this year and have 1400 or so seedlings–40 different heirlooms….I may actually have to STAND on the side of the road and peddle these!!! Stacey

      1. I’d be happy to buy some from you. 🙂 Tomatoes are a staple in my kitch but I don’t have room to grow them. Let me know when you’re standing by the road and I’ll come! lol

  1. Love, Love, Love heirloom tomatoes. Wish we were close enough to have some. Why don’t you and Eric fly some down to me.

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