My Plate Is Full


The garden is full of tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables and herbs.

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It’s possible to block out the very cold temperatures if you began the process of planning the garden!

Several years ago I started documenting my favorite varieties with images.

Colors so vibrant you can almost smell and taste them.

If your looking for a flavorful and highly productive variety;

Here is one of my recommendations.

Heirloom Woodle Orange


This orange is nearly perfectly round and is wonderful sliced.

Small seeds and a fruit that holds together.

5 stars and a thumbs up!

Add this to your list.



My carefully tended tomato plants are ready for planting.

This basket from last season holds many of my favorite heirlooms.

Ananas Noir, Emerald Evergreen, Creme Brule, Ferris Wheel, Chocolate and more!

These are the gems of my kitchen garden.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

     It’s so hard to choose which varieties will make the grow list each spring.

That’s why the greenhouse will be filled again this year with lots of plants.

Extra, extra sale in May!



With sub zero temperatures on the way for tonight, I am escaping into images from last spring in the greenhouse.

Thought maybe you might like to spend a little time in here too.


Lots of basil!
Lots of basil!

A Basket Of Tomatoes

And so much more.

In January, while the Minnesota soil is frozen and buried in several feet of snow;

my gardening soul dreams of these delicious tomatoes.

Dramatic? Maybe, but really, it’s not just the delicious tomatoes.

It’s the process.

The seeds carefully saved and sorted.

The kitchen garden plan carefully drawn out of paper.

The day I drive to Farmer’s Seed And Nursery to chat with the workers,

and purchase my potting ingredients.

When I gather seed trays and fill them, and place those first seeds,

the temperatures are usually well below zero here when these chores occur.

I long for warm sunshine, time in the garden, ‘bring on the sweat” I say.

The house quiet and sun bursting through my windows this morning, I gathered tomatoes.

Kitties weaved through my legs, and dew dropped in my eyes as I practically crawled into the plants to reach the ripe ones.

My arms are stained with tomato stem juices and it’s a fragrance not available at department stores.

I’m a gardener.

And today I’m going to eat tomatoes.

Heirloom Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes


Chocolate Anyone?

Chocolate Anyone?

Chocolate Heirloom Tomatoes!
One of my favorites (yes, I do have LOTS of favorites!)

This years “Extra Sale” Dates:
May 15 thru 18th. Thursday thru Sunday
11 AM to 6PM
I have a nice variety of Heirloom Tomato Plants again to share with my garden friends.
Herbs and some vegetable plants–all naturally grown!

Hope the weather warms up so we all can get those gardens ready!

The best red

The best red

A week of red would not be complete without some tasty tomatoes.
Heirloom Costoluto Genovese, as pretty as flowers!

Seeds available for this Heirloom in my little garden store

It’s good to have favorites!

It's good to have favorites!

No secret, I do love the Heirloom tomatoes!
I’ve been starting and growing them in my little greenhouse for 5 years now.
Each Spring I put out some little signs along the quiet roads that lead to my garden; and curious, friendly people wander up the long driveway to select some of my little plants.
It’s more for fun than profit–you know, a little seed money!
If you are in need of some Heirloom tomato seeds for your own garden this year, stop by my little Etsy garden store.
Some of my favorite varieties are there for sale.
All of my seeds are from chemical free plants. I harvest them from the best fruit throughout the growing season.