Salad Bar

12 thoughts on “Salad Bar

      1. I missed the whole Seinfeld Era of prime time tv, sadly…between work and young kids, there was always something else on. Those were Nick at Nite years for me!
        I’ll look it up though. 🙂

      1. Love it. BTW – I stopped at the garden center in Lonsdale and her succulents are pretty picked over and she DIDN’T have any Cerveza ‘n Lime 😦

      2. Oh, thank you for checking. I did stop at Edenvale Nursery in Mankato the other day. They had lots of succulents and sedum–but did not see the Cerveza ‘n Lime. I will have to shop early next year. I had forgotten how big the place was! I’m taking my camera next week and I’ll do a post about them. Inspired by your blog! Stacey

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