The Good Old Days

Worth Framing

The delay button has been pushed on warm weather!

This calls for a reminder of sun filled days in the garden.

Clean Up In Aisle 4

Clean Up In Aisle 4

After the snow melts I let the chickens into the kitchen garden to do a little clean up.

5 hens remain from my original chick purchase nearly 8 years ago.

The girls egg laying days are over, but they provide insect clean up and add to my compost pile.

All very valuable to the garden.

And doesn’t chickens scratching in the yard just make you smile?


Raise Me Up

Raise Me Up

My kitchen garden is made up of 8 raised beds.

This little corner bed is my leafy greens area or lovingly referred to as “the salad bar”

This bed will be planted and picked upwards of 3 times a growing season.

Who wants a big salad?