The Pickery

The back of the greenhouse is planted in annuals.

Zinnia, Bachelor Buttons, Snapdragons, and Celosia.

Colorful and available for cutting….

The Pickery!

14 thoughts on “The Pickery

    1. I do plant Zinnia’s every year–I love that they look like a box of new crayons!
      It is the first time I ever planted celosia. I started from seed, but they were so slow, and I had trouble getting them to set good roots. Of probably over 50 plants I have only a handful that grew to true flower size. I will get a pic soon!

      1. Genius! I have a hard time cutting them from my wildflower bed (my only flowers so far.) I feel like I should let the birds and the bees have them, and then let them reseed as much as possible…maybe a cutting bed is just what I need.

  1. Oh I’m so envious of your zinnias. Mine have hated the wet and cold weather we’ve had and have either rotted or sulked. Not even sure this year whether I’ll get a crop.

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