Plate Full

I have been documenting all the different heirloom tomato varieties

with my camera this Summer.

It will be a good way to remember them when the snow is flying this Winter,

and I have my nose in the seed catalogs.

After my little photo shoot the other day,

I had this lovely plate sitting on the table.

How do you like to eat your garden fresh tomatoes?

12 thoughts on “Plate Full

  1. What a great idea. Right now I have a window sill dedicated to each of my varieties of tomatoes. I’m taking photos of the whole tomatoes but should be taking them sliced as well.

  2. Pretty!

    Oddly enough, I don’t! (Like eating them.) I do like hearing how they taste when DH eats them though. For me, all of the fun is in the growing of them.

    1. I was able to plant nearly 3 weeks early this year–but the tomatoes still took forever to ripen–it was too hot at night! But they are coming on nicely now–we are going to be in the 40’s tonight!

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