Late Crops

My late crop of salad greens

are growing well.

The cooler weather has helped.

The kitchen garden in late August.

9 thoughts on “Late Crops

  1. That’s just lovely! Seeing those makes me feel the cool air that it looks like surrounds them in the mornings. You must be rather north on the globe to have such beauties in August. Those are more of my December crowd down here 🙂

    1. I do think it looks almost to perfect–for my garden for sure!
      A little like the gardens in the movie “It’s Complicated” ha
      But not to worry the nasty beetles are busy just next door at the remaining cucumbers!

  2. How neat and tidy your garden looks, I can only hope mine start to look more like yours, right now I’m just happy mine were producing food, I’ll have to work on making look more organized next summer.

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