Garden Textures


The last few growing seasons I have worked on bringing in some new plantings and textures into the garden.  Conifers have been finding their places into the landscape.

Even in a zone 4 garden and it’s size constraints there are so many design options.

Dwarf, columnar, and weeping specimens.

Colors that vary from green, blue, silvers and golden.


I miss my garden during these long winter months but creating garden textures that break up the white ground really helps.  Of coarse I have found a few spots for just a couple more!




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Time to tie up the tomatoes

Time to tie up the tomatoes

Tools for the trade!
Heirloom tomato plants grow up big and tall.
Heavy duty cages are needed and staking will help the plants from falling over.
I use jute string to tie up stalks that want to escape captivity.
The plants are getting heavy with tomatoes!