Pictures From Paris

I am not in Paris,

but my husband is!

He took these pictures this morning on a walk near his hotel.


Just love the shutters
Charming Cathedral
A lovely garden next to the Cathedral
More shutters!
Lovely flowers!
Paris home.  How charming is this?!
Look at this wonderful allotment, and her lovely shed.

12 thoughts on “Pictures From Paris

    1. I know–wish I was strolling these streets with him! There are some little stores around and a bakery, but they are not open today….I have ordered him back tomorrow to get a look see inside! He is on airport standby and can’t stray far from the hotel….

  1. This looks like such a charming area. I have a sister living in Versailles (formerly in Paris and other French cities). I will have to ask her about this one. I may have to stop by next time I’m over there visiting her.

    1. Family to visit in Versailles! that is very cool.
      I would love to go to the South of France and photograph all the old stone houses and barn.
      I’m afraid I wouldn’t want to leave though!

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