On The Workbench

A little bunch of flowers

to add some color and fragrance to the house.

Snapdragons, French Vanilla Marigolds, and Lavender sprigs.

12 thoughts on “On The Workbench

  1. Gorgeous and I particularly love the French Vanilla Marigolds. I’m not normally a fan of the orange ones which can look a little garish but those are beautiful. Will have to see if there is a supplier over here.

    1. I have never seen this see before either. They are quite large plants now, and they smell very sweet, not at all like “regular” marigolds. I’m going to try to save seeds…not sure if it will work or not.

    1. They smell very sweet, not like a regular Marigold at all. I think I picked up the seed at Fleet Farm this Spring? My little bouquet is adding some color to my little desk.

    1. I really just gathered them and tied them together! I am just thrilled to have some pretty flowers to enjoy, despite the long hot Summer. We need rain!
      So glad you enjoyed the picture!

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