Barn Beams

 I love barns–that’s no secret.

I poked my head in this barn, tucked away on a quite country road.

Autumn sunshine lighting the barn.

6 thoughts on “Barn Beams

  1. Gorgeous. I too love barns and also enjoy seeing barns that have been converted into homes. I dreamed of owning one, but since I don’t need a huge home for just me it was really out of the question, but still when I look in a barn I do so with an eye to how I would lay out a home inside the space.

  2. is that old hay in that barn.. quick.. get it!! there is a shortage! My barn is always looking for more fodder for the animals.. that is lovely.. i especially love it when i see a barn being used. too// OK bed time for me i am not making sense!! c.

  3. This reminds me of the barn where my husband and I will be attending a barn dance this weekend. Except our friends’ barn is all cleaned up and filled with vintage stuff and the perfect setting for a dance. Cant wait to kick up my heels in the haymow.

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