Time to get out the woolens

As the last week of September arrives,

so too have the cool mornings and evenings.

Our first hard frost arrived yesterday, forcing me into a faster pace of finishing the harvest.

Tea in the garden this morning required a woolen wrap.

22 thoughts on “Time to get out the woolens

    1. I know, I’m a Summer girl! I like it warm, but I even tired of the heat this year…Hope we can have a nice long Fall. It is so dry here Paula, I fear much of my gardens are dying, even with constant watering.

      1. I know — here too. I haven’t water extensively, but as soon as the cool air hit everything pretty much shriveled up. The garden is looking pretty withered and like it’s ready to be put to sleep. And my hummers are already gone… 😦

  1. Here’s what I love about your posts: Simplicity. You can take the seemingly ordinary and turn it into extraordinary via your images and words. Each snippet you post here is like a poetic gift to us blessed readers. Thank you.

    1. Audrey, you are so kind! When I wanted to start this blog, I thought I would be writing more, but it has evolved into a glimpse of the garden and a thought or two, my comments generally have more words than the blog itself! I didn’t know if anyone would ever find this little blog–but so grateful for the kind people who have…

    2. I couldn’t agree more, Minnesota Prairie Roots. The simplicity is such a wonderful counterpoint to my very busy days. I love visiting the rural land, if only virtually at this time. One day I’d like my own place like this.

      1. We had hoped to live “in the country” nearly all of our adult married life!
        It didn’t happen till a little over 5 years ago! Don’t give up–and I am happy to
        share my garden with you.

  2. We closed our summer cottage in Maine today…it was time. The temps are down into the 30’s every night, very foggy in the mornings and all our neighbors have packed up and gone back home. Back to New Hampshire and picking apples and pears in our orchard.

  3. You conjure up such a magical image with your words and your photo, a wollen wrap to go with your morning tea in the garden. We had the first rain in weeks here, a relief that I don’t have to water the garden anymore, but like you I need to get on and finish harvesting beans and squash, are first proper frosts don’t arrive for a few more weeks yet so there is a bit of time, but so much to do !

  4. I think my comments have gone into your spam file. Love your woolen wrap. We closed our summer cottage as the temps were down in the thirties at night. Yes, it is time to put out the wool.

  5. We dug our winter clothes out this week – s.n.o.w. is in the forecast for tomorrow night. Nice blog & photos, Stacey! Stay warm. 🙂
    ~ Zuzu

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