Lovely Leeks

The little, tiny Leek seeds were started in the warm greenhouse in Wintery March.

I transplanted out thin blades of seedlings– in May.

I was sure they would wither away in the intense heat of this Summer.

To my surprise, they grew.

Potato Leek Soup for dinner.

5 thoughts on “Lovely Leeks

  1. I’ve not ever eaten potato leek soup, but love potato soup. My sister and her husband have their ninth annual soup party coming up in October. Always fun to sample a dozen or more soups on a chilly fall evening along with homemade breads, etc.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the soup party idea! Have to remember that.
    On Oct 6 we are having my family for our Annual Halloween Bash–we are grilling for lunch with sloppy joes for supper, everyone brings something for the day of fun….We did fun games and bobbed for apples last year. We finish with a haunted walk through the woods and smores by the fire.

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