Object of my affection

My weathered bee skep…

found many years ago at an estate sale.

7 thoughts on “Object of my affection

    1. Bee skeps were used for bee keeping, before “bee hives” came into play.
      This is not an antique one, but had been used in this womens garden for many years as a decoration. Google antique bee skeps and you will find beautiful examples of them. And they are against the law in the the US and Canada to be used for bee keeping! Decoration only.

    1. This looks sweet in my garden each Summer, the women I bought it from reminded me to take it in each Fall, as the snow will destroy it. I do so, so I can enjoy for many more gardening seasons.

    1. I move it around the garden each year–it gives some age to the garden.
      If you google antique bee skeps you will be enchanted with beauty of this simple straw bee house. 🙂 Stacey

  1. I can see why it is the object of your affection, it’s also now the object of my affection too. And like others I hadn’t heard of bee skeps, so you learn something new, and you want something new 🙂 I’m sure it provides a beautiful backdrop in your picking garden !

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